Also since he works so much, it is safe to assume he needs or really want the money. Each client is warmly greeted by name, and they often receive courtesy calls when their account balances are low or negative to not cover any incoming transactions. Since Paula is associating quantity as the measure of good performance over quantity, she is motivated to produce more rather than produce better ads. Since he is salaried employee his office hours are from pm. Work Attitudes and Job Motivation. Evaluations will be conducted for each department at the end of each quarter.

As I learned when I was a young manager, you cannot positively influence your employees’ motivation if you do not understand what is important to them. Issac, Zerbe and Pitt explained in their study on expectancy theory that unachievable targets and a lack of feedback and development can lead to rejection by employees as the goals are seen as unattainable. Also since he works so much, it is safe to assume he needs or really want the money. This change will help the sales staff stay motivated by putting them more in control of their commission. He is paid hourly but overtime is frowned upon since it takes away from company profits.

There’s Room For Vroom’s Expectancy Theory in Employee Motivation

As a result, the company has the added challenge of frustration from current clients and which requires time and effort on behalf of the sales representative to have to go revisit these customers who are at risk of taking away from their current campaign. However, she is losing expsctancy to her low expectancy factor. As I learned when I was a young manager, you cannot positively influence your employees’ motivation if you do not understand what is important to them. The past output of 10 has been too pressing for the employees, and the objectives have not been reached, or have been reached with poor work that has been rejected by the customers, causing further delay.


Tom is more interested in spending time traveling with his wife and preparing for retirement. Don’t expect your employees to be motivated to achieve an outcome that they believe is unattainable.

George put in the effort however his performance to outcome valence was negative, causing George to have a negative attitude toward putting in further effort. Victor Vroom’s Expectancy Theory provides some important considerations for you to consider as you work to have a positive influence on your employees’ motivation.

vrooms expectancy theory case study

This included ensuring the campaign reaches objectives and stay on pace, especially since there are product deadlines to contend with. She often finds the demands of her position to be overwhelming and does not feel compensated for her work there.

A study conducted by Chiang and Jang surveyed employees utilising expectancy theory in a hotel setting, analysing employee motivation. People will be more productive if they believe that their expectations will be realized. This would increase performance to outcome expectancy for employees and encourage an overall stidy of productivity among the company.

Instrumentality is also a factor that Lauren must increase. Since he is vrolms employee his office hours are from pm.

This site uses cookies. Educational Research and Evaluation: Are they unsure about their inability to help you achieve the outcome? The compensation and salary programs are based on work effort and length of employment.

Case study analysis: Vroom’s Expectancy Theory – Melissa Andrew

April works hard because she wants to succeed, but she feels unappreciated and that her hard work may not be noticed. If he had an incentive to work faster, such as a bonus for working quickly or even a negative consequence for using too much overtime, it might encourage him to work better and faster. Had Ricardo engaged Mary in discussion and worked on the development plan with her, he could have properly addressed the three factors in the Expectancy Theory.


World Campus, PSU April is most highly rewarded by receiving promotions at work. Reference List Chen, Y.

There’s Room For Vroom’s Theory in Employee Motivation

As each employee will prefer different things, simply just giving everyone more time off for good work, or a monetary bonus, may not work. She values the social interactions she caee at work due to no friends or family outside of work, yet she feels she is under-compensated in a job that leaves her exhausted.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Many times there is more than one single desirable outcome. Tom is currently planning for retirement, to keep him engaged in maintaining his sales goals, Edith can let him leave at 3pm on a Friday twice a month.

vrooms expectancy theory case study

The employees are expected to do more work in the same amount of time with the same pay. By offering a bonus for employees that do more quality work their instrumentality for quality has also raised. Report a bug Atlassian News. The link between hard work and success is low which leads to lowering her overall stdy.

Those employees who are able to produce more towards the quota in saleable work, such as 6 a day instead of 5 frooms receive a higher bonus.