Click to learn more https: A pair of queens. I would say that a psychological therapy in the middle of the play had rescued Blanche from her final disaster. The Dramatic World of Tennessee Williams. The entire scene is a drama of misunderstanding, accentuated by Blanche’s wild but purposeless effort to rescue her sister, and thus the family, from animalistic forces, which are presented by Stanley in the opinion of Blanche. Sign in to write a comment.

Blanche was mysterious and always in the shadows, covering lamps with paper shades, Williams used this to express that she was hiding herself from the spot light, into which she was forced into by Stanley. First I would like to show where she comes from and how she has grown up. Like an orchard in spring. Later when they are all resembled in the kitchen for the birthday cake, Stanley gives Blanche a “little birthday remembrance. Leave your email and we will send you an example after 24 hours It is on Blanche’s birthday that Stella, Stanley and Blanche are sitting together at birthday supper.

It is the climax of her feelings and also climax of the play. The revelation of Blanche’s sordid past seals her fate. And so nobody could realize that somebody next to him or her is deeply mentally injured.

A first look 2. Stanley targets Blanche, the first time she is actually like a victim.

A Streetcar Named Desire Essay | Essay

American Studies – Literature Character constellation and character Then it could not happen that you are disgusted by a smell in your flat and you have to realize that your neighbor is dead for two weeks. It is on Blanche’s birthday that Stella, Stanley and Blanche are sitting together at birthday supper.


She depends on men although she says to Stella that Stanley is not good for her happiness; however she thinks that men will lead to her recovery like contacting Shep Huntleigh for financial help however this means that her fate is in the hands of others.

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A Streetcar Named Desire Essay | Essay

Or at least conforming his old values when he seeks for acceptation in his new environment. Later that evening, Blanche is alone, streftcar to escape the polka music which once more has entered her mind.

At the end Stella is once more within her husband’s primitive embrace, to which she brings the spiritual balance that his unformed vigor demands. But in the end Stanley triumphs over Stella when he enters the room and Stella rushes to embrace him. Blanche was in control of her own decisions; she streetcaf all the wrong ones which left her vulnerable to more tests and problems.

I hurt him that way you would like to hurt me, ” 7 That shows her feeling of guilt about the dead of her husband. A closer look 3. Williams created Blanche as a character that lost her family business and death of her husband therefore became very promiscuous with a lot desite desire for attention, sex, money and love.

From blanvhes point on her life, she goes sliding down a slippery slope.

Was Stanley responsible for the downfall of blanche? – A Street car named desire.

Blanche goes on a search for guys who would fulfill her desire, yet she never gets an adequate amount, so she moves on. She comes from a family of French origin.

streetcar named desire blanches downfall essay

In the namd meeting, the discriminated occasion, with Stanley it becomes quite clear that Stanley and Blanche are antagonist and protagonist. If you need this or any other sample, we can send it to you via email.


Leave your email and we will send you an example after 24 hours This desire arises because of her constant loneliness which she puts up with after her husband’s tragic death.

streetcar named desire blanches downfall essay

And after all that is what Blanche DuBois is looking for in this drama. How to cite this page Choose cite streetcxr In the following 2nd scene we get to know about Blanches pathological bathing. Sign in to write a comment.

streetcar named desire blanches downfall essay

She was fooling herself; this is a weakness in her character which Williams created. Blanche DuBois’ fall and decline hadn’t necessarily gone so far. Bibliography Primary Sources -Williams, Tennessee. At that news, Blanche goes to meet Stella la on the sidewalk and tells her streetcarr maybe Stanley is “what we need to mix with our blood now that we’ve lost Belle Reve and have to go on without Bell Reve to protect us ” 8.

Later on she teaches American literature at a high school in Laurel. Essah might have been based on Rose as some critics believe. She married Alan and later found out that he was a homosexual. But everyone in Blanche’s new environment had too much to do with his or her own egoism.