Dangers of a Disequilibrium 6. Multiple, partly overlapping perspectives emerged over time. Organizational ecology utilizes inter alia biological evolutionary theory, which proposes variation and adaption to be key el- ements for survival. Although both the punctuated equilibrium and the organizational vacillation model are based on similar underlying concepts, they can be classified as entirely distinct analytical frameworks. The overarching goal of this qualitative review study is not only to review the relevant literature, but also to organize, structure and integrate findings in order to gain a better understanding for what ambidexterity really is and ultimately to give managerial guidance.

Depending on environmental conditions, they found a curvilinear relationship between an ambidextrous business strategy and firm performance. Recently, Jansen et al. Both dimensions are contermi- nous and should therefore be mutually reinforced by the TMT. Facilitating processes in the Food Innovation Network: Levels of Research Contemplation Figure 7: Compiled by the author In the spatial separation model see figure 3 , units are spatially divided into explora- tion and exploitation tasks by either location or function.

Organizational Ambidexterity. A Managerial Act of Balance

In pursuit of ambidexterity: Apple Computers, which masteg out developing and marketing personal computers inis today one of the leading firms in the cellphone and tablet market and was nominated by Forbes business magazine as the most valuable brand of Badenhausen, In total, 58 key papers that directly address the ambidexterity topic were selected and thoroughly investigated. We need to design organizations that can continuously create human-centered innovation.

Antecedents, influencers and moderators Group A links a variety of environmental, structural, contextual, organizational or re- source related factors to the concept of organizational ambidexterity. Challenge of Achieving a Balance 5.


Accordingly, in figure 2, a fictional organization would be in a state of exploration orientation over period! Punctuated Equilibrium Model and Vacillation Source: Therefore, in the structural ambidexterity model a relatively precise pic- ture of possible ambidexterity-enhancing organizational structures can be drawn. Apart from managerial insights, this thesis also addresses a number of scientific inter- ests.

However, an aver- age survival rate of four to ten years for businesses has been documented, making failure a common phenomenon in business life across industries Stubbart and Knight,O’Reilly III and Tushman, In conclusion, contextual ambidexterity can be differentiated from structural ambidex- terity in several ways.

Overcoming the barriers of embedding design principles in businesses through the support of an inter-organizational network. Continuum View Figure Multiple Perspectives of Ambidexterity Research 4. Through this theoretical overview on the concept of organizational ambidexterity we may con-firm its rational validity and thoroughly understand the righteousness of its purpose.

The world will become more and more pressed to deliver healthy and sustainable food to the population.

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The term ambidexterity can be understood in a wide variety of scientific coherences. Taylor and Helfat, and fast turnover of knowledge e. While some papers broaden the understanding for these con- structs Duncan, mastter, March,Gupta et al.

However, if additional resources are not avail- able, concentration on either exploration or exploitation might be desirable Gupta et al.

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Performance Outcomes A rather small group of studies tuesis on the investigation of ambidexterity related performance outcomes. In order to offer their customers more destinations to travel to, an increasing number of airlines are cooperating with each other within alliances.


Topology of the Relevant Literature 4.

master thesis ambidexterity

These observations resulted in the first steps to build a Food Innovation Network in The case of KLM. It thereby helps researchers to gain an overview of scientific findings and managers to be more sensitive for key coherences of the ambidexterity construct.

Spatial separation and parallel structures.

Ambidextrous Organizations: sustainable growth by balancing exploitation and exploration

Compiled by the author Although both the punctuated equilibrium and the organizational vacillation model are based on similar underlying concepts, they can be classified as entirely distinct analytical frameworks. Hence, Benner and Tushman distinguish between exploratory and exploitation units as follows: March,Kyriakopoulos and Moorman,Gupta et al.

March analyzed bilateral organizational tensions from an organizational learning perspective and coined both terms exploration and exploitation. Based on these executions, dysfunctional underlying concepts and deficits of the literature field will be outlined in chapter 7.

A Case Study of Model Changeovers in the Toyota Production System the authors give a com- prehensive insight into the contextually ambidextrous managed Toyota production system.

Environmental Factors Figure