Details on Page The in vitro viral activity of various parts of A. Correa in human blood lymphocytes and E. The leaves, bark, roots, fruits and seeds are used extensively in the Indian traditional system of medicine the Ayurveda and in various folk medicine to treat myriad ailments. They burn with a smoky flame and are resistant to most reagents and to decay. These results suggest that gastro duodenal protective and antiulcerogenic properties of A. E-Journal of Indian Medicine, ;

Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology, ; 48 4: World Journal of Pharmaceutical Research Anti-spasmodic effect Aegle marmelos extract possesses the maximum amount of antispasmodic activity. They evaluated diuretic effect by measuring urine volume and sodium content in urine. Nature has provided a complete storehouse of remedies to cure ailment of mankind. Since ancient times, plants are used as source of medicine.

Natural Product Radiance, ; 6: They evaluated diuretic effect by measuring urine volume and sodium content in urine. A potential source of phytomedicine. Asian Pac J Trop Dis.

The effective use of radiotherapy in cancer cure and palliation is compromised by the side-effects resulting from radiosensitivity of bordering normal tissues, marmeos are invariably exposed to the cytotoxic effects of ionizing radiation during treatment. World Journal of Pharmaceutical Research Radioprotection by oral administration of Aegle marmelos L.

Inhibition of radiation-induced clastogenicity by Aegle marmelos L. Evaluation of plants for antiviral activity. These suggest the varied possible mwrmelos of action of A.


J Med Plant Res. George et al, evaluated Antidepressant and Antianxiety activity of Ethanolic leaf extract of Aegle marmelos. Int J Food Sci Nut. Medullary rays, distinct ring of cambium, wood consisting of large vessels, www.

Loss of immunity is associated with depletion eagle immunocompetent cells that can cause infection by opportunistic microbes.

Radiation induces mitotic cell death in dividing cells and activates pathways that lead to death by apoptosis in interphase cells and differentiated cells [30]. Evaluation of the radioprotective effect of bael leaf Aegle marmelos extract in mice.

Radioprotective effects of Aegle marmelos L.

Therapeutic potential of Aegle marmelos (L.)-An overview

Inapproximately Jyothi and Rao showed that hexane, cold methanol and hot methanol extracts have inhibited Klebsiella pneumoniaeMicrococcus luteusEntercococcus faecalis and Streptococcus faecalis groth in vitro. Exfoliation of elongated spermatids, nuclear chromatin condensation and degeneration were found in testes histopathological studies and presence of spaces within the germinal epithelium signifying testicular cytotoxicity and necrosis.

They use the fruit as an astringent and tonic.

literature review of aegle marmelos

Some tumor cells rview constantly active AKT and may depend on it for survival. The authors also reported that after the withdrawal of treatment, complete restoration of the morphological as well as physiological parameters in extract treated rats [53].


literature review of aegle marmelos

Treatment resulted in reduction in the weights of testis, epididymes and seminal vesicle. Pharmacophoric and 3D QSAR studies have suggested that aegline may have a 3 adrenergic agonistic activity. These results suggest that gastro duodenal protective and antiulcerogenic properties of A. Here authors summarized various research article in a good manure to give an overview about the therapeutic potential of A.

In vitro study was found that the extract litreature comparable to that of ciprofloxacin and mostly active against the marmeloos of Vibrio choleraefollowed by Escherichia coli E. Int J Food Sci Nut. By decreasing cyclin D1, cyclin D2 and cdk2 expression and by increasing p21, lupeol mediates the cell cycle arrest [40].

Phytochemistry, Pharmacological and Traditional Uses of Aegle marmelos. Bonemarrow stem cells are more sensitive than intestinal crypt cells to the deleterious effects of ionizing radiation. Another study indicated that A. Int J Food Sci Nut. Basic Principles of Ayurvedic Medicine.