Outline Index Book Category Portal. Baalbeck is located on two main historic trade routes, one between the Mediterranean coast and the Syrian interior and the other between northern Syria and northern Palestine. The nearby Qubbat Duris , a 13th-century Muslim shrine on the old road to Damascus, is built out of granite columns, apparently removed from Baalbek. STL prosecution backs defense request to postpone trial. The 15th century tower at the corner of this temple is a good example of the Mamluke fortifications of Baalbeck.

The Daily Star accepts no responsibility for the content of comment s , including, without limitation, any error, omission or inaccuracy therein. What repression there was did not always target the Christian community per se. Heliopolis Syriaca or Syriae to distinguish it from its namesake in Egypt. Finds included pottery sherds including a spout dating to the early Bronze Age. Aerial view of the Acropolis.

Previous to its more recent western romantic appeal, especially nurtured by the 19th century British on the extended ‘Grand Tour’ it was fought over frequently and decisively during the Abokt.

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The remnants of the three apses of this basilica, originally oriented to the west, can still be seen in the upper part of the stairway of the Temple of Jupiter. The gods worshipped here, the Triad of Jupiter, Venus and Mercury, were grafted onto the indigenous deities of fertility. Cabinet and budget: Recent cleaning operations at the Temple of Jupiter discovered the baalebk trench caastle its edge, whose study pushed back the date of Tell Baalbek’s settlement to the PPNB Neolithic.


They may have simply been rolled into position along temporary earthen banks from the quarry [] or multiple cranes may have been used in combination.

The Great Court Built in the 2nd century A. An interior stairway goes to the top of the Propylaea where there is an excellent view of the area.

These are not only the largest and most noble Roman temples ever built, but they are also among the best preserved. At the end of the 4th century, the Emperor Theodosius tore down the altars of Jupiter’s Great Court and built a basilica using the temple’s stones and architectural elements.

The Podium is built with some of the largest stone blocks ever hewn.

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It was granted to the eunuch Ata al-Khadimgaalbek who also served as viceroy of Damascus. During the Hellenistic period B. Cambridge University Press, Page In the early 2nd century, Trajan added the temple’s forecourt, with porticos of pink granite shipped from Aswan at the southern end of Egypt. Baalbek DistrictBaalbek-Hermel Governorate. STL prosecution backs defense request to postpone trial. Baalbek’s citadel served as a jail for Crusaders taken by the Zengids as prisoners of war.

Aerial view of the Acropolis. On a nearby hill, a fourth temple was dedicated to the third figure of the Heliopolitan TriadMercury Adon or Seimios [63].

The Mongolian general Kitbuqa took Baalbek in and dismantled its fortifications.

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In Catholicismits titular see is distinguished as Heliopolis in Phoeniciafrom its former Roman province Phoenice. Subscribe Now For Unrestricted Access 1 month Local influences are also seen in the planning and layout of the temples, which vary from the classic Roman design. It is the capital of Baalbek-Hermel Governorate. Baalbeck is located on two main historic trade routes, one between the Mediterranean coast and the Syrian interior and the other between northern Syria and northern Palestine.


The entrance to the Temple of Bacchus in the s. Archaeological sites in Lebanon. Constructed during the first half of the 2nd century A. The barbican was repaired and more turns added to its approach. Structurally, the court is a platform built on the leveled-off top of the ancient artificial tell.

It is mentioned in Josephus[49] Pliny[50] Strabo[51] and Ptolemy [52] and on coins of nearly every emperor from Nerva to Gallienus. The 6th-century chronicles of John Malalas of Antiochwhich claimed Baalbek as a ” wonder of the world “, [62] credited most of the complex to the 2nd-century Antoninus Piusbut it is uncertain how baaalbek his account is on the point.

descriptive essay about baalbek castle

After the Arab conquest in the temples were transformed into a fortress, or qal’a, a term still applied to the Acropolis today. Towering high above the Beqaa plain, their monumental proportions proclaimed the power and wealth of Avout Rome. The rectangular Great Court to its west covers around 3 or 4 acres 1.