A component anything from a stick of RAM to an entire turn-key system that is or has been installed in Equipment. If system is not always online then need to replicate data between master database and copies. If not online, then need to replicate data between master and copy. These two entities could be combined into one entity, but with their different uses, a case can be made for have two entities. The current system does not accurately track configuration information, leading to wasted time for technicians and clients. Each piece of Equipment is owned by a particular Client.

Ctts case study milestone 6 solution ctts case study milestone 6 solution. A request for service on Equipment. Prepared by Gary B. This makes a one-to-one relationship. Button is clicked the systemwill launch use case ctts. A component that has been checked into inventory A piece of information concerning software configuration for the Client and possibly for a piece of equipment.

Ctts case study milestone 9 application architecture Solution?

Make sure students identify a cause and not restate the problem. Would you track accounts payable? Case study coastline systems consulting. Read this essay on ctts case study milestone 1 2. The system must milestoen it easy for technicians to update the component and configuration information. Ikea global sourcing case study questions. If client calls back, request can get duplicated and worked on by multiple technicians.


Case Study CTTS – Milestone 02 Problem Analysis Solution_图文_百度文库

The following matrix illustrates one possible solution. Primary keys cannot be changed in some systems, and it is never good practice. The proposed system could allow clients to czse service requests online, saving receptionist time plus providing more efficiency. The EquipmentComponent entity has ComponentNum as the primary key. Would allow technicians to see what other technicians had done. If you will be doing Milestone 5 as soltuion separate assignment, you may want to withhold this solution.

ctts case study milestone 9 solution

The following completed matrix is one possible solution. Foreign keys are marked with FK and a number.

ctts case study milestone 9 solution

One approach could be the use of barcode scanning. This could be the primary key. This was drawn in Microsoft Visio. Each Configuration is associated with a particular Client.

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System Constraint Internet application must have adequate security. Optional Entities A classification of Equipment. This, of course, is DFD style. Your professor will provide the solution to the practice case study at the. Causes and Effects Three-ring binder that holds information is disorganized and incomplete. If not online, then need to replicate data between master and copy. Prepared by Gary B.


Entire course milestones a mmilestone material. Download as word doc. Primary keys are shown at the top of the list of attributes and marked with PK.

Ctts Case Study Milestone 9 Solution

The system should allow technicians to view and edit software configuration information in the field. An EquipNum is a number that could be generated by the system and stays unchanged forever. Introduction csusm Entire course milestones a graded material. Three-ring binder that holds information is disorganized and incomplete. Work done to resolve a SeviceRequest. Leads to wasted effort in the field, unbilled hours, and dissatisfied clients.

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ctts case study milestone 9 solution