Note also that supplementary material such as tables, diagrams, appendices, references, the bibliography and any bound published material are not included in the word count. I have always taken great pride in what I do. Hopefully I can help you feel less stressed during this time! It is usually an academic from another university. You will still have hot-desk access to Room , for example for making corrections after your viva. There is no second chance for further major corrections.

We would prefer you to supply files as a PDF as this will not affect the formatting of your document unlike Microsoft Word or Powerpoint. Click here for important information on latest submission times. One good method is to:. You are allowed 6 months for making major modifications, and they have to be reviewed by both examiners. Kall Kwik Birmingham

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If you are selecting delivery to UCL please click here for further information on submission and delivery times. You are allowed 4 weeks for making these modifications, and the internal examiner is responsible for approving them.

Home Come home Services What we do? In any case, bincing University Code of Practice says that you should be able to comment on the choice of examiners before the Research Students Tutor signs off the nominations form.

bham thesis binding

You are allowed 6 months for making major modifications, and they have to be reviewed by both bindkng. It doesn’t matter how many theses I have bound I realise the next one will always be the most important one because that will be yours. However we do have a PC in store for you to make minor alterations or corrections, but we are unable to do this for you. Worth looking through early to give you ideas later. Perfect binding is commonly used for catalogues, manuals, brochures, and dissertations.


Where should I get my final thesis hardbound?

This can be produced in any size up to A4 portrait. It is usually an academic from another university. Most supervisors will want to discuss the choice of examiners with their students and so you should raise the issue with your supervisor when you start to think about writing-up your thesis. We are specialists in mono and colour printing, binding and laminating using a range of quality materials and products.

Click here for price lists. This will inform the Registry that you have officially submitted and you are just waiting for the hard-binding process to be completed. Products What we sell? This allows your examiners to see easily what you have done – and pass your thesis quickly – and also serves as a checklist for you to see that you have covered everything. If you are requring a one off bind and not a bulk order, these can be produced with a turn around time of 24 – 48 hours.

Some supervisors essentially let the student thesie other supervisors choose examiners without consulting the student.

bham thesis binding

Your one stop digital print shop We are specialists in mono and colour printing, bineing and laminating using a range of quality materials and products. Off the shelf We have a fantastic range of creative and decorative products to give your space the personal touch. He or she ensures that the viva is run properly and fairly, theais notes and helping where necessary to clarify misunderstandings. Saddle stitching is a very popular and speedy book binding method in which the folded sheets are gathered together one inside the other and then folded and stapled through the fold line with wire staples.


You can supply your own bgam for printing, and we will check that the material passes our criteria to ensure a good quality finish.

Hence it is important to make sure you have satisfactorily covered all the required corrections before you submit them. Almost all research theiss have modifications to complete after their viva. You should receive a letter from the University beforehand asking whether you wish to attend.

We offer various types of binding in house such as; Soft, channel and wire binds.

Congratulations… You’ve finished your thesis!

Normally ten working days. Please do not pester your internal examiner until both you and your supervisor agree that you have waited quite long enough.

No, you can send work via an email or file transfer link to printme contacts.

Of bam – give us a ring on At the same time you must also submit your thesis electronically usually in pdf format to the Turnitin plagiarism detection system. Home Come home Services What we do?

Thesis Submission and Examination.