Other Additional themes that emerged in the content analysis related to food security and dietary diversity, strategies for engagement of related sectors, and issues of equity. The full contents of the supplement are available online at https: Second, monitoring and evaluation can easily be overlooked but is a critical component of strong policy support for IYCF. The SAIFRN research team across all countries created a common matrix for data collection across countries, using mind mapping to identify relevant policy document types and areas that could incorporate support for improved IYCF [ 27 ]. For all knowledge across the full platform and to access other theme site spaces, please use the top navigation bar above – Global , Africa , Latin America in Spanish , Classifieds – Jobs, etc , all Policy Blogs , and to Search the Network.

However, almost one-fourth of children between months of age do not meet the minimum standard for three indicators: For the best outcomes at a national level, such interventions need to be supported by appropriate government policies [ 6 — 9 ]. One recurring positive theme was a strong focus on breastfeeding and on counseling. Strategic support for IYCF was present in National Development Plans or equivalent strategy documents in all five countries [ 28 — 32 ]. Availability of data and material Further detail on the data presented here is given in the other supplement papers. In addition, using a policy content analysis method did not allow us to assess the context in which a particular policy was drafted or implemented; as noted in the introduction, there are likely to be further, contextual, challenges to implementation.

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iycf case study

In addition, the recurring challenge of provision of maternity leave outside of government agencies suggests an opportunity for provision of guidelines and strategies regarding policy development and implementation at the supranational level. Support for breastfeeding and complementary feeding In all countries, there was a distinct policy emphasis on breastfeeding, with relatively little emphasis on complementary feeding [ 28 — 32 ].


In all countries, there were limited provisions for monitoring, and it was thus difficult to ascertain the quality and scope of training provided. We sourced documents from government websites, government archives, and through direct requests to Ministry of Health officials and other related Ministries e.

For those iucf in public sector however, 6 months of maternity leave is mandated [ 30 ]. This study was stduy conducted by different research groups in each country, and although we endeavoured to minimize differences through regular teleconferences and meetings, there may have been some variation in the search strategy and analysis between study sites.

IYCF case studies Sierra Leone, MSF | ENN

Soul City on Facebook. Policy content and stakeholder network analysis for infant and young child feeding in Bangladesh. The authors acknowledge and appreciate the constructive input from the reviewers.

iycf case study

Concerning infant feeding, women suggested that they have been advised to exclusively breastfeed in the clinics. There was also little information available publicly regarding cxse for IYCF in the policy documents we obtained. Sep 5 – More like this FEX: In Bangladesh women in special circumstances such as natural disasters and those suffering from HIV are mentioned specifically for intervention.

IYCF case studies Sierra Leone, MSF

The recent WBTi review indicated that while many countries in South Asia had a range of globally recommended policy documents in place, gaps in coverage and implementation remained [ 16 — 20 ].

IYCF is a multisectoral policy issue, that requires coordinated policy action across sectors. C – Maternity Protection Convention, No. Health sector policies that include provisions relevant to IYCFand implementation level guidelines relevant to breastfeeding and complementary feeding e.

The different levels of policy considered, included: Our current subscriber network consists of over 16, members. However, it was unclear how this would be implemented. Similarly, in India, there was strong strategic support for IYCF within child development policies, but the detail at implementation level was limited.


Commitment for multisectoral approaches to nutrition policy has led Nepal to have strong strategic support for IYCF in recent development plans 13th and 14th Plan documents [ 32 ].

Cultural influences on IYCF: Case study from the IYCF-E GIFA/ENN Project | ENN

The extraction focused on the following key domains that were identified during the development of the data collection framework:. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. This study aimed to identify opportunities for strengthening stuxy policy environment in the region to better support appropriate infant and young child feeding. This approach focuses on how specific provisions in policy support mothers and other caregivers to receive best-practice IYCF interventions.

We used this to describe the content related to IYCF, within the umbrella of nutrition more broadly, for each policy document identified. Our teams are engaged The extraction focused on the following key domains that were identified during the development of the data collection framework: Two key areas that would benefit from regional technical support are strategies to support integration of complementary feeding into policies, and also for enhancing multisectoral action.

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