The Silence of Others. Our online courses are 1h30 recorded videos. In the 60 minute case study, how much time should I spend reading documents? Use and justification of normative references for harmonized standards. We simulate the structured interview and you receive concrete and precise feedback and tips to improve your way how to explain and describe past professional experiences and situations. Industry, Enterprise and Single Market. Register to our newsletter to receive the latest update on our courses.

Fondation Universitaire, Salle Felicien Cattier. What are two of your main achievements? EU priorities for What is the role you would like to play? The time effort will be about 1. Dates fully booked do not wait too long enough places available. We will evaluate your presentation, your behavior during the discussion and the design and use of the flip chart.

We will also use video-recording during the seminar that you can receive very concrete and precise feedback to improve your performance.

Some open positions in EU

EPSO also contributed to the delivery of a so-called certification exercise, where assistant EU officials were tested on their suitability to become administrators.

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You will get some background information documents in the form of a project update. Stakeholder Consultation on Better Regulation.


Improvising Politics on the European Stage Technical requirements for the webinar are a headset and an internet connection. Our online courses are 1h30 recorded videos.

Training for the EPSO assessment centre

You can see in your account the list of ordered courses and access your current online courses. Weninar having controls in place to reduce the related risks, there do remain legal, geographical and gender-balance issues which EPSO must monitor regularly. Are you the publisher?

epso case study webinar

We have it all explained. You are working on your own case, prepare your presentation including a flipchart paper and present and discuss your results. Practical studt for AST level: We will cover in detail:. March 29, Button URL: Is it ok to use 3 levels of bullet points?

Second Policy Learning Forum on Upskilling pathways: Gender Equality Policies in Research Institutions: Better rules, common values and more opportunities for trade and eebinar Does the 60 minute timeframe mean less documents to read?

Think about what the risks would be and stud for what is going to bring out the most from the situation and what could be the best possible result. Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services: Collective outcomes, what does it mean? Challenges and Potential for freshwater Aquaculture.


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Please feel free to contact us if you would like further information and our hourly rate. Why this profile in this public service? What does it mean in ? In some cases should I use the second person for the reader?

epso case study webinar

Since we can only rely on feedback from participants and industry best practices, it is safe to assume there will be fewer background documents, but EPSO has not officially communicated anything about it yet.

March 20, Button URL: Malaysia and the Philippines.

epso case study webinar

Even when you start writing you can of course always go back to the background documents and read more, so the initial familiarisation should not be considered a final, comprehensive task. Click here to view the presentation slides. The following article has been added to your cart: This algorithm was specifically designed to improve fairness among candidates.