Under such circumstances, what we should do is to become fully prepared to embark on our journey of life, to venture into deep waters. Newer Post Older Post Home. Akma Arshad 6 November at My name is insert name and I was born in insert date. Sometime people may look at challenges as problems and keep giving thousand and one reasons or excuse for not performing or fail to success but for me their challenges which a problem to them is an opportunity for me to perform towards the success. Korang boleh google untuk contoh contoh autobiographical essay yang lain: Through all these programmes, I gained so many experiences in handling and managing things.

Three years in degree in science, I learned to cope with the pressure being work in laboratory environment. I need to move on in order to reach my goals. The essay could focus on your personal life, your background, your achievements, accomplishments or on your experiences. I am excited to make that dream becomes a reality. I always involved in the management activities especially Board Directors meeting and the Management meeting.

Test dia senang je, dia bagi articles then suruh kita olahkan balik pasal article tu.

Khaly Life Inspirations: Autobigraphical Essay

I completed my industrial training at clinical laboratory of insert place of internship. You can google to find out more about this business school. Moreover, I love ujtm build the networking with other participants on each programme. Anonymous March 29, at 9: Wherever got way, there is an opportunity for us to move ahead.

I am excited to make that dream becomes a reality. Learning and autobiogralhical out work in the field of science has trained me to keep focus in any task I conducted.


Institute of Graduate Studies – An Autobiographical Essay

It should tell us about you and essentially what you would want the reader to know about yourself. After SPM, I studied at insert place for one year in the science ffor.

autobiographical essay for mba uitm

Then you just wait to be called for the interview In my case, Alhamdulillah I have been called for the interview. I am 36 years old and married with four kids. Senang nanti tetiba kena buat itu ini, kita ada jugak pen boleh menulis.

autobiographical essay for mba uitm

In many times, it just a temporary, as I will stop selling when what I autobiograhpical have been fulfilled. Soalan dia tanya pun senang je. Next week, I’ll attend the interview.

So tolong lah ye lepas ni kalau pergi memana at least bawa lah one pen. What is the current issue that you concerned.

autobiographical essay for mba uitm

Moreover, I always wanted to have great networking with people. As a matter of fact, I have already been autpbiographical some of the most important preparations for my ambitious undertaking in the future and part of it is to equip myself with proper education.

I also submitted my works and assignment on time. Kat sini I rasa I nak share autobiographical essay before tu Im sorry ye yang essay I bukan lah tahap yang memberangsangkan, gramatical error sana sini, ayat yang taksedap and tak bagus mana tapi I did ny best I can. Mestilah dorang nak lagi memudahkan kita: I always motivate myself to be a hard working person. Yes one week only! Through all these programmes, I gained so many experiences in handling and managing things.


Referring to the tittle of the entry, hari ini I nak share my first experience menghadiri interview to further my study at Master level S My last 5 years job I am holding a senior executive level which I worked for the highest management such as Essau President of the company as well as the Group CEO.

Interview MBA

Yang pertama master in science applied biology atau yang kedua MBA master in business administration. No doubt, the institute is by no mean is the most prestigious one in Malaysia giving education and play their parts in order to prepare the young leaders for the reality outcome. Maka bermula lah proses untuk apply MBA: Yang penting flow dia tu senang examiner atau someone incharged nak faham ceh macam lah diri ni hebat sangat padahal my essay pun tunggang terbalik.

I aspire to become rich and always wanted for helping those people in need. Anonymous July 26, at 4: Masa tahun akhir degree I memang plan untuk esaay master. I am glad even though I am still study as an out-campus student for my Bachelor Business Admin major Human Resource Management, at the same time I also building up my working experienced.